Friday, October 5, 2012

I choose beauty. (Part 2 of Wildflowers)

Remember when I told you that I am an unmanageable wildflower and asked you to join me? Can we talk more about that? Because I think it's quite a beautiful thing.

On my way home from counseling that day, I called my dear friend Megan and shared with her the beauty of the wildflower As soon as I was done, she told me this story.....

Megan used to live in this house with beautiful landscaping all around. She spent hours maintaining it and perfecting it.

One day, she noticed something under the big pot of flowers in the front yard. When she moved the pot, she found a beautiful, living and blossoming chrysanthemum.

Here this strong and brave flower had poked it's way through the creases in the sidewalk and bloomed under a pot. The pot had tried to stifle it to no avail.

This is us. This is our story you guys.
My mom sent me this after my last post on wildflowers...apparently I've always loved them :)

Pots may placed on our heads. People may want to force us to be manageable, to line up in neat rows like good little flowers. They may want us to bloom where they want us to be planted. They may want us to fit in their cute little boxes.

Not us. We will bloom. We will be beauty in this dark, hard world in dark and hard places. We will flourish where others think we should die because of our audacity to even plant ourselves in that place. We will walk out of the well tended gardens and go live in the open wild. 

That counseling session ended with a beautiful commissioning from my Jesus.

I could see myself as a flower, growing strong and blooming. I could see a man next to me doing the same.

Then a man came and yelled at the two of us to get back into our pots. He yelled that we weren't supposed to be beautiful how and where we were.

And Jesus looked at me and said this;
"Your only job is to bloom and be beautiful. Let them choose pots and neat lines if they want. YOU get to choose beauty where and how I tell you. Just BE beauty. I will take care of the rest"

People can hate it all they want. They can despise my unmanagability. (It's a new word, like it? :) They can want me to fit in rows and pots and boxes all they want. They can not understand. I may confuse and frustrate them. The choice, however, is up to me on how I might live my life.

I choose beauty.

I choose the kind of jaw dropping beauty that is beauty in the hard places. I choose hard fought beauty. I choose the beauty that comes in walking away from the neat lines and planting myself in the rocks and dirt that is our hurting world.

Join me?

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