Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You're Fired

When you aren't quite cut out for a just doesn't work. There's no nice way to put it. You end up unhappy. Your boss ends up unhappy. The work doesn't get done well. The whole company suffers. Everyone has experienced this. If not in your own life, maybe with a coworker. The tension mounts. Everyone knows this just isn't going well. But no one knows quite how to handle it.

Someone, somewhere wants to call out "let's just stop this! It doesn't work! She's not cut out for this job!"

Here is where I sit you down, quietly, gently and break the news that you are, indeed, fired.

I'm so sorry. The truth is, you've been attempting a job that you just aren't cut out for. We both are responsible. I hired you for it! I should have known better. Some of you volunteered for the job without me even interviewing you. Either way, it must be said...."this doesn't work. you aren't cut out for this job"

You see, for years I have gone around asking - with both my words and my people pleasing actions and attitudes - for you to approve of me. Know me. See me. Understand my story. Please oh please declare me fit for righteousness. Say that I am approved. by you. by God.

But the truth of the matter is that you just aren't good at the job and I must now fire you.

Only my God can really know me. Only my God can know my story. Only my God can know my heart. Only my God can know both my giftings and my weaknesses and where He wants to use me. Only my God is cut out for this job.

You have carried this burden of a job done poorly for far too long. It's not you. It's just that you aren't qualified to be the one who declares me fit. So I take that burden from you.

You don't have to understand me. You don't have to see me. You don't have to know my story. You don't have to see my pain. You don't have to see the beauty. You don't have to declare me fit for righteousness in any way.

Because He does.

I hope you can forgive me for hiring you for a job you were unfit for. I hope you can understand that I've fired you - even if you might still really want this job.

And now you can be you. I will be me. And we can learn to just appreciate and love each other.