Monday, August 13, 2012

The best and the brightest of Uganda, sitting at home instead of becoming doctors

Daniel is the brightest boy in Aloet High School. He is 15 years old and wants to be a doctor. His smile is contagious and you can see the pride of his accomplishment all over his face. His brother is actually in first place in his class as well. There is another set of brothers that offer a bit of competition to these boys however. In fact, these 2 brothers continually go back and forth for first and second places in their classes. 4 of the most handsome boys with brilliant minds, hopes for great achievement and a humble desire to serve their nation with whatever they do.

A few months ago, all 4 boys dropped out of school because they lacked the funds necessary to continue. $165 for an entire year of school stood between the brightest of the bright and the education that would enable them to achieve these dreams.

Some of the kids you have sponsored! Thank you!
We issued a call for people to step up and support these kids.

You listened.

You responded.

You gave.

 They are back in school.

It’s really that simple. They dropped out because they lacked funds. We found out. You gave. They are back in school.

The words “thank you” fall flat. How can 2 words communicate what it means to a child with dreams of a doctor getting to stay in school? It was $75 or $45 or some number for you. To them… was the world. To them it was God giving them their impossible dream.

We toured their school, listened to a performance of plays and danced the day away in the falling rain. It was nearly perfect and absolutely heartbreaking all at the same time.

Perfect because of their joy. Perfect because how could dancing in the grass with African children EVER be anything else.

This is Scovia with Abby and I
Heartbreaking because sweet Scovia wants to be a police officer so that she can arrest the men who rape women in her country.

Heartbreaking when Judis said,  “THANK YOU SPONSOR because my dad told me that it was a waste to educate a girl and he wouldn’t pay for it.”

Thank you. Two words. That’s all I have. I wish I had more. I wish I could scoop up their joy and bring it back to you. I wish I could allow you to wrap your arms around them and hold them when they cry.  I wish I could communicate what it actually means to these precious children that you believe in them, that you are proud of them, that you care enough to give so that they can stay in school.

We have 50 kids and need funding to keep them in school this last term of the year. $45 per child. You can pay on the paypal button on the side of my blog and put “school fees” in the comment section.

Next year….I am thinking that if you are willing….we may need to send some more of Uganda’s brightest back to school J

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