Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 hours. No joke.

Bags are packed.

House is clean.

I leave in 10 hours.

How is this possible? After 3 years, I am finally going back. I don't even know if it'll fully sink in until I'm on the plane. I am going to Africa.

Yes, Africa. A place that I ADORE!!!!!  I am going. I get to go. I get to go love on these mamas who have stolen my heart. I get to actually speak and teach and share how God heals the broken.

I am so humbled and amazed that the Lord has chosen me to be a part of HIS movement. I just get teary thanking the Lord for these moments.

I am pretty darn sure that with a few little tweaks, my life would be just about perfect right now :)

Next time I update.....It'll be from Africa. And I'll be happy.....seriously happy....possibly beaming :)

PS: Follow or friend the other girls on my trip!!!

Abby Mortenson aka LoveRoots Photography (follow her on instagram too!)
Kim Marchese
Lisa Stepp
Nancy Cox
Kristin Walls
Kylie Walls

and of course... my mama....but she's not on FB :-)


  1. God is so good my friend! Love ya -


  2. Soooooo jealous. Have an amazing God filled time!