Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free to dance....

Henri Nouwen talks about hospitality as something that not only makes someone feel welcome....but free and fearless.

This describes my experience in Uganda completely.

I am free here.

I am me here.

I have no fear.

I can be as "big" as I need to be.

I dance....like crazy here. In front of 2,000 people. Making a fool of myself. But in Uganda, when they laugh at you, it's not the same. They are laughing with you and honoring you in the process. And so I dance. And dance. And dance.

I plan nothing that I will speak. I pray and ask about my topic, ask for a scripture and then just start talking. He meets me there. He teaches me AS I teach.

I love big here. (ok, I want to do that everywhere :)

Apparently, I speak like a Ugandan here too :-) Rita told me last night "You changed how we think about white speakers......you speak LONG"  This probably comes as no surprise to you guys!

I love it here. Welcomed, free and fearless.

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