Friday, July 20, 2012 exactly is this going to work?!

I leave in 19 days. This means we need to wire money in 15 days. $10,000 worth of money.  That's $10,000 more than I have right now. Sometimes....I won't lie....That scares me a tad!

The thoughts begin to flood....
"YOU can't do this"
"this is too big for you"
"You will let all of them down"
"Who do you think you are?"
"This is too much"

But then....just like that....I remember. I remember Him. I remember the great big God that I serve.

I remember how He parted the red sea. I remember how He saw the Israelites in their oppression and rescued them. I remember how He set me free. I remember how He provided manna for so many. I remember how He chose Noah to build a boat. I remember how He rescued His people through Joseph, the one that others had thrown away. I remember how He lived and died. I remember how He loved. I remember how He healed. I remember how He's healed me. I remember that I once thought I was too broken...and how He has healed those broken places. I remember how He raised the dead, healed the lame and spoke life into broken places. I remember how He continues to speak life and hope into my hurting heart. I remember watching Him heal my friends and the beautiful, broken people around me. I remember WHO HE IS.

And I realize. He is JUST the kind of God to bring in JUST the amount of money HE needs for HIS work among HIS precious women. Yes, I am broken. But He's the kind of God who uses broken vessels for His glory.

For some CRAZY reason, He has chosen to let me be a small part of His story of redemption and healing and life in the midst of dust and ashes for the beautiful, broken women of Uganda....and I'm ready to watch Him work! $10,000? That's nothing to my God.

Click here to learn more about our trip
Click here to learn more about giving...and being a part of HOPE. Just $1.25 will send a woman to the conference and another $1.25 will train her to be in a cooperative!

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  1. I am also trusting Him for more than we can think or imagine.