Thursday, July 19, 2012

Uganda trip - T minus 20 days!

 20 days. I can hardly believe it. In just 20 days I leave for my beloved Uganda. Oh how I can't wait to get off of that plane and breathe deeply of the African air, hug my Ugandan family and friends and spend a week soaking up God's presence in this place that I adore.

As you may know, we've been working with the most amazing woman, Akwango Anne Grace Elotu, since November of last year. I've known Anne for years and she is the most amazing woman you'll ever meet. She and her husband Joseph serve the people of their country with passion and sacrifice. Maybe one day, I'll have them both write a little of their life stories to share here :)  Since November, we have had the privilege of seeing 300 women join cooperatives (small groups that help the women to work together, pool their resources to help each other achieve sustainability more quickly, learn together, grow together and support one another). We started by raising the money to provide one cow for every 3 women in a group (10 cows for 30 women). What a privilege it has been to watch God work and to see the beautiful pictures of these women receiving their gifts!!! we are going to meet our girls!!!!
The plan is changing now though....and expanding...a LOT! On our trip we will be launching cooperatives for 3,000 women! We will visit the girls already in our program, run a conference for 2,000 other women and do an official launch for 3,000 women! Please click here if you want to give to make this happen!

Our schedule for the trip:

Thursday night (8/9): Arrive in Uganda, stay overnight in Entebbe. 
Friday (8/10): Drive to Soroti (possible stop to visit Katie Davis in Jinja)
Saturday (8/11): Cow Delivery Day!!!  Deliver cows to 3 different villages as well as spend time with these precious women and hear more about their goals and dreams for themselves, their families and their villages.
Sunday (8/12): Church (you know I love preaching in a mud hut in the middle of Africa ;) and visiting more villages that have already joined the cooperatives
Monday (8/13): Conference begins! We will be hosting a conference for 2,000 women. I will be the keynote speaker (yes, I know that is CRAZY - start praying now!)
Tuesday (8/14): Conference. Loving on and praying with and watching God work among the women of Uganda and completely change us in the process :)
Wednesday (8/15): Official Cooperatives Launch! We will be launching this for 3,000 women!
   We will offer the following:
         1. Connection: starting or joining a cooperative
         2. Training: organizational training and vision casting for cooperatives
         3. Initial Investment: Our way of saying we love & believe in you! 1 cow, 2 oxen for each group
         4. Group Loan: once assimilated and trained, each group will come up with a proposal for a group project and receive their first loan as a group.
Wednesday (8/15) pm: Drive to Jinja to stay the night.
Thursday (8/16): morning boat ride on the Nile river, visit to Kampala, leave Uganda at 10 pm :(

Join us in praying now! If you want to pray by name....our team includes: Terri Goff (my mama!), Lisa Stepp, Nancy Cox, Kristin Walls, Kylie Walls, Kim Marchese-Kieffer, Abby Mortenson and Me :) We have a couple of people who are still considering joining too!


PS....I'll get to see these kiddos too :)  Remember when we raised the money on FB to pay their school fees?

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