Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fundraising Needs for Uganda!

Fundraising needs for Uganda:

Conference for 2,000 women: $2500. This includes rental of the facility as well as mats for women to sleep on and food for the women.

We will be launching cooperatives for another 2,700 women, bringing the number of women in cooperatives to 3,000 women. (with the average Ugandan woman bearing 7 children, this has the potential to reach close to 25,000 Ugandans!)

The final day of the conference will be the official launch of the cooperatives ministry. We will offer the following benefits to women:

1. Connecting existing women's groups to the greater coalition of cooperatives. Starting new groups in villages that have not organized the women into groups.

2. Training each group in what it means to be a part of a cooperative. This includes organizational training as well as vision casting for what it looks like to work together to help one another, build one another up, learn and grow together and reach sustainability. ($1.25 per woman / $37.50 per cooperative = 90 more cooperatives $3,375 )

3. An initial investment in their future sustainability. Initially, we have offered 10 cows to each group of 30 women. This provided 1 cow for every 3 women. We have done this for 10 groups since November 2011. This was getting to an overwhelming capacity, as the cooperatives grew! Instead, from here on out, we will be offering 2 oxen and 1 cow to each group. These oxen will be used to plow the ground for all of the women. The cow will be used for milk, especially for women who are HIV+ and cannot breastfeed their own babies. As the cow reproduces, it will help the group more and more and will eventually provide cattle. ($800 provides one cow and 2 oxen)

4. Once they are assimilated into the cooperatives organization, trained and organized and have received their initial investment gift, they will begin to work on a plan for a group project. Internationally these are called IGAs(income generating activities). Based on their skills, locations and field of interest, the women will propose to start a group business and will be given a business loan to kick start their sustainable future.

**the beauty of cooperatives is truly how well they will run and work without western interference. The women can begin pooling their resources and borrowing from that fund to help grow themselves to sustainability without us. We, however, have the opportunity to hit the "fast forward" button on their sustainable future! It would take them MONTHS to gather the resources necessary to start a business. We get to help them do that! Once the business is in place and earning a profit, they are quickly able to repay the loan to be loaned out again as a group loan to further grow their business or to start individual businesses!**

At the conference, we would like to announce that we have funding in place to begin 90 more cooperatives and train them. (2,700 more women, for a total of 3,000 women).

Furthermore, we would like to gift a group publicly with their initial investment of a pair of oxen and a cow.

For the 10 groups that have already formed, been trained and received cows, we would like to present them with a group loan!

Conference: $2,500
Training for 90 groups: $3,375
Initial Investment for 1 group: $800 (we could always do more groups though if more money came in!)
Group loans for 10 groups: $2500 (approx $250 per group with some receiving less and some receiving a bit more).

Total Needed: $9,175.  We are also giving one last group 10 cows. This funding is almost completely in place already ($2,000)

Thank you for considering being a part of the opportunity to provide hope to the hurting women of Uganda. Thank you for considering empowering them! They are strong and brilliant and ready to work :)

Tax Deductible Giving Instructions Below :)


Brandi McElheny on behalf of the beautiful women of Uganda

Giving Instructions:
We have partnered with Psalm 82.3 ministries which allows us to take tax exempt donations with ZERO dollars going to overhead. The only money that you give that will not directly affect Ugandans is the paypal fees if you decide to give via paypal. Psalm 82.3 can process donations through paypal (credit card), checks or bank transfers. (checks and bank transfers allow for every single penny to go to Uganda :)

Please let me know if you'd like to wire the money directly to Psalm 82.3 (fast and easy :) - I will get you the account and routing numbers!

to send a check,
Psalms 82.3 Ministries
1021 Stagecoach Trail
San Marcos, TX  78666
Initial Investments:

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