Friday, January 11, 2013

You're Invited

I ALWAYS want to get invited to the party. always. I love a good party. It doesn't even have to be all that exciting. I just love people. I love being together and laughing hysterically. I love being invited. 

There is something special about being included. Someone calling and saying "I want you here. I want you to be with me. I want to spend time with you."

Consider this your invitation :-)

You are hereby invited to what I consider the greatest adventure on earth, the best party and the most beautiful journey I've ever been on. 

You are invited to join the adventure of God's heart for justice on this earth. 

Yes, the journey includes some ugly, messy parts. It includes journeying to what appears to be the depths of hell on this earth. It is a journey into death. It is a journey into ashes and darkness. But it's worth it. I promise. She's worth it. He's worth it. YOU are worth it.

I skyped with Saskia this morning. She runs Not For Sale Amsterdam and lives and breathes the work of rescue and redemption from the streets of the red light district in Amsterdam. We talked about the horror and the chains of injustice that these girls experience. But then....we talked about the joy. We talked about the dancing. We talked about the LIFE.

THIS. This is what we GET to be a part of. We get to watch experience the Lazarus story over and over every day. 

In John 11, word is sent to Jesus that Lazarus is sick and dying. He stays where He is. Lazarus dies. (oh the questions that brought up for Mary and Martha! Oh the questions it brings up for me when Jesus seems to just sit by while injustice wins). Mary and Martha confront Jesus. They question why He wasn't present. They cry. Jesus cries. The whole town cries together. 

....then.....the miracles happens.

Jesus calls forth life. Jesus calls Lazarus out of his tomb and into life. 

Sigh. I just love the idea of life conquering death.

We get to live this. We get to walk with people into injustice. We get to hold them while they cry. We get to walk people through the questions. We get to walk into the questions that injustice poses in our own lives. And the middle of the death and darkness and mourning....we get to see Jesus call forth life. 

I am amazed. I get to watch Jesus call forth life. Saskia gets to watch Jesus call forth life. We sat back amazed. We prayed together with tears streaming down our faces. In wonder. In amazement.

Is it hard to walk into death? Yep. Is it worth it? YEP. She's worth watching come alive. He's worth watching come alive. YOU are worth watching come alive. 

When you watch someone come alive, you will realize that somehow, you were just a part of the greatest adventure on the face of the planet. 

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  1. "Sigh. I just love the idea of life conquering death."

    love love love this! Me too girl