Monday, January 14, 2013

me. being brave.

Today has been a day of bravery for me. Fearful, knee-shaking, thrilling at every turn bravery. When God calls you to something big, when He deposits a dream in your heart, it is a beautiful, scary thing. I start to dream about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be raised with this project. I start to dream about standing alongside so many different organizations and getting to be a small part of their work in the world. I dream about the girls that could be protected, rescued, restored and reintegrated through this. I dream about Him using my crazy little brain and these crazy little campaigns that I dream up to really make a difference in the world. 

Then....the what if's start flowing....what if it's a failure? What if no one gets this vision? What if I can't do it? What if I let people down? What if I get all excited and then it falls flat? What if..... 

(truthfully, I even got scared WRITING out those dreams in this post! What if you thought I was crazy? Or dreamed too big? What if you thought I shouldn't think so highly of myself that the God of the Universe would want to use ME? What if....

this is where trust comes in. A whole heap of trust, a big dash of hope, a crazy amount of courage and the choice to be brave.

It was a choice to be brave today as we launched I had this idea in early 2010 and it is now coming to fruition. It's my baby and it's being born :) I get excited. I start dreaming. But then the what if's start in. The fears that I will bring this baby of mine into public and end up falling flat on my face. Is that a possibility? sure. always is really :) But I'm choosing to be brave anyways. To walk forward in what I believe God is calling me to. To live in the dreams that He has given me. To try. To "chance". To take a risk.

Because I know the heart of the God I serve. I know the truth. This project doesn't define me. If it falls flat on it's face, I still have my Jesus. He loves ME, not what I do for Him. He delights in my heart to serve, not the number of FB shares I get. This is His deal anyways. If He wants to use this little idea to raise money for His work around the world, so be it. If He chooses not to, that's His choice too. This is about HIM. He gets the glory...and He would gladly take the fall too. 

Because of the strong shoulders of the one who carries me, I can be brave. Because of the unconditional, crazy love of the God I serve, I can dream big dreams. Because of Him, I can walk forward in trust, courage and a whole lot of HOPE. 

Am I still afraid? yeah...probably ;) I realize, however, that this life of bravery that I'm living, is the life I want to live. I want to be the kind of girl who loves big, dreams big and steps out on crazy limbs with her God in grand adventures. So today. I will be that girl. I will be brave because of who He is.

How will you be brave today? How will you scoop up all of that trust, hope and courage and choose to live the brave, beautiful life that He has for you?

PS: let me know if you want to join our brave adventure with me? :)


  1. I am being brave because of you, and because of Mel and because that is the way God wants us to be and for those girls...

  2. Brandi, you just absolutely, positively spoke the words of my heart! Wow! Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of ridicule. I can feel all of the eyes and hear all of the snickers even now. But, who wants to think small?! Dreaming BIG, loving hard, and leaping far...that's what living for God is all about! I'll be sure to stop by your campaign and show some support!

    -(the other) Brandi

  3. Loved reading this Brandi - awesome! God is with you, praying blessings on this new venture! Saw your pic on Holly Gerth's site & just wanted to write you a note of encouragement - appreciate your heart for our amazing God. (:

  4. Yes and amen and keep dreaming, girl! Love this! :)