Monday, December 31, 2012

What I want....for you and for me. With all my heart....

 Dear ones....

As we close out one year and get ready to walk into the next, it's tempting to put some things into boxes. To categorize and put away an entire year of experiences. One thing the Lord continues to speak to me about is how I look at timing WAY differently than He does! (yeah. no shock to those who know me well :) His work continues without thought to the passing of one year on to the next. The chapters in our lives form together to create a beautiful book of our lives. And the chapters we do have in our lives are rarely segregated into years!

All of that to say, this isn't a wrap up 2012 post because I think I'm in the middle of a chapter, not finishing one out right now! It's a.....this is part of my story....and it's continuing - as is His faithfulness. Instead of wrapping up 2012 or giving my one word for 2013....I want to share my hopes and dreams...for me and for you as we continue to write and rewrite and LIVE the story that God is planning for us.

Freedom. I desire freedom for us in our inmost beings. Physical freedom for all....that no one would live in oppression and slavery. I desire emotional freedom that we may know our own wounds and seek a God who can heal them and bring freedom. Spiritual freedom as we unravel our boxes and begin to allow God to be God. Relational freedom....that you may live in relationship with those who are good to you and treat you like you deserve. May you have the freedom to be FULLY yourself. May you have the freedom to walk away from what it is not good for you and to run hard into the things He has planned for you. May you cling with fury to the promises He has for you and walk out of the chains He is destroying.

Beauty. May you seek His face and His beauty. May you sink into the truth that He loves you deeply. May you understand how your God sees you. May you understand in the depths of your soul that He desires GREAT beauty for you. The God who created ALL beauty longs to create beauty for you. So stop settling for surviving! Stop settling for mediocrity! Strive for beauty in everything. Long for it. Want it. Beg for it. Then walk out what He calls you to walk out to see this beauty.

Dream. dream big and let Him wash His dreams over you. You serve the God who created the UNIVERSE, you don't think He can accomplish the dreams and promises He has placed within you? Let yourself dream. Then follow those beautiful dreams He has placed in you!

Hope. Even when it's hard. Hope. Choose it. Live in it. Let yourself feel crazy because you hope so strongly even in the face of ashes or pain. It's hard. I promise. Hope is the thing the enemy seems to attack the most. But it's beautiful and SOOOOOO worth it!

Join the adventure. I want you to sink into beauty and truth and grace and mercy and the unfathomable love of Jesus. I want you to experience freedom and healing in your most inmost places. Then....I want to invite you to join the party :)  The great big God that we serve is actively pursuing a hurting world and He wants YOU to be a part of this great adventure. He wants to see you soar to new and amazing heights, dive into the depths of darkness that our world to bring hope and participate in His beautiful work of bringing healing and redemption throughout the world!!!

I want to be the kind of girl who loves fearlessly because I know deeply how loved I am. I want to be free in every way possible so that I might live out my freedom and healing in a hurting world. I want to constantly tear down my boxes and re-evaluate everything so that I might not hold to tightly to things that are untrue. I want to see people. Truly see them. I want the people around me to experience love and service that makes them heal because it must be from the hand of God. I want to desire and pursue my Jesus passionately and be willing to walk, believe, hope and dream whatever He asks of me. I want to see beauty. I want to watch dry bones dance and slaves realize their freedom. I want to walk with others into their dark places and hold their hands while they come alive. I want to see Jesus more clearly, be held more closely by Him and walk dangerously into the great adventure that He has planned for me....and I want that for YOU too :)

I desire these things for you...

with all my heart,

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