Monday, July 30, 2012

Angera Acumunio Village of Mamas

Only $100 needed to fully fund a group loan for the Angera Acumunio Village of mamas. Mamas like Asibo:

Asibo is 34 years & got married to a man who already had two wives she is the youngest wife. When her husband tested positive he resorted to his first wife leaving Asibo and the second wife to fend for themselves. Asibo too is HIV+ but has seven children who totally depend on her as both the father and the mother. She depends on agriculture and sale of her labor to educate for her first born girl now in senior one and for the welfare of all the seven children all school going age. “Jesus is my great hope” she says in a soft but determined voice to over come all odds with Jesus by her side.

click on the paypal button to give Asibo and the other 29 mamas in her group (many whom are HIV+) a group loan to start a business!

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